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Meal Time Frustrations

Can’t get your children to eat, or eat enough.  Check out the video for a suggestion and then put what you do that works in the comments so that we …

Boys vrs girls 1

Raising boys vrs girls

Are there any differences to raising boys vrs girls. Some say no, I say YES! Inside this video is a link to another funny video titled ” MEN’S Brains and WOMEN’S brains Explained …

Teen Struggles

Teenagers, WTF (why the face)

Are you struggling with teens that just won’t follow the rules. I truly thought that I would be able to prevent  my kids from doing  drugs, getting pregnant, or making any …

Extreme thinking part 1 successful children

Creating Successful Children

Although this article* below is well written and it is short and to the point, I don’t believe it is a balance way of thinking. There are some great suggestion in …